Meet the Pulse Executive

Lee-Anne Classen

During my term as Chairperson, my number one goal is to serve the entire Medical student body to the best of my ability. I have always had a passion for people whereby I aim to motivate and empower them. Together with my amazing team, we commit to represent your needs and to embody the opinions and desire of the students as a collective. Please feel free to contact me at any time with suggestions, comments or critique – without you, this journey would not be possible!

Michelle Cremer

Leadership is the capacity to change vision into reality. In order to ensure positive change, one cannot rebuild using the same materials. To transform ideas into reality a vision must be shared, not singular. As Vice Chairperson, my goal is to ensure that our committee does not function as singular entity, but as a group of students placed in a position to ensure that the vision of our student body becomes a reality representing inclusion, diversity, transformation and most importantly – unity.

Calyn Reddy

I’m fun-loving, hard-working, always keen to have a good time and have a passion for serving people. This term I’m hoping to assist in making sure that the student body feels that their requests are being heard and to ensure that all the portfolios work well together.

Chanelle Holtzhausen

My responsibility is to find companies willing to sponsor us with money or products to fund our various projects throughout the year and also to ensure that bills and accounts get paid. Basically I deal with all the money that goes in and out of Pulse.

Chandni Abhaikumar Desai
Academics & Professional Development

I am super excited to be on Pulse and my main goal is to guide and support you, the student body, through your academic journey this year and to be a part of it every step of the way.

Eden van der Westhuizen
Culture Chair

As the Chair of Culture, I would really like to encourage everyone to either participate in or come watch the Talent Show production. We aim to diversify and enrich your lives outside of Medicine and if anyone has any suggestions regarding cultural inclusivity or transformation, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Juandré van den Berg
Culture Vice-Chair

I am diligent in labouring and put effort into doing and completing tasks. I pride myself on my spontaneity and creativity and therefore believe that the Culture portfolio is perfect for me. I have a love for the arts, especially music, and I am a firm believer that the arts are essential to life.

Mulisa Nkhumuleni
Clothing & Branding

I am a person of many talents and appreciate humour and being around funny people. My goal for the year is to fulfil your expectations regarding Clothing and Branding, and to make sure you look great in your class hoodies.

Yaseera Jagot
First Year Guardian

I am a Fourth Year Medical Student. I deeply value People, Kindness and Health and I aspire to be a future humanitarian. Promoting accessibility to the various support services, available by the University of Pretoria, will form the cornerstone to fulfilling my role as a First Year Guardian. I endeavour to continue the legacy set out, and bring the 2018 Pulse Hunger Games at a level of high standard.

Kayla Geldenhuys
First Year Sub-Guardian

I may be fresh out of first-year, but that means the recent experience equips me so much better to serve as vice-First Year Guardian. I hope to facilitate support on a whole new level; for this portfolio to provide a platform for open communication with all relevant parties. I strive to help make your experience at Tuks fun and memorable!

Kayla in a nutshell: ex-professional dancer who found herself in the world of medicine with a life philosophy going Gandalf-style: “All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.”

Rutger van Gruting
IT & Communications

I am here to help Pulse rebuild and maintain their digital platforms. I commit myself to my community and work hard to accomplish my goals. I am a loyal and dedicated individual and take pride in my honesty and professionalism. I dedicate myself to serve others in both my personal and professional life.

Jacques Stone
External Outreach (Chair)

My name is Jacques Stone and I am currently in fourth year. I am the chairperson for outreach and focussing on external outreach activities. Keep an eye open for our amazing events like the MAVERIC project, outreaches to Houses of Safety and Old Age Homes. I look forward to having a positive impact on the communities around us and I hope to see you all!

Chuma Malangeni
Internal Outreach (Vice-Chair)

I am a self-driven, compassionate, bubbly honest dreamer who is determined dependable and reliable. My main aim is to make a difference in the lives of medical students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. I also hope that I will bring unity amongst students of the different schools in the health faculty.

Appolonia Malapane
Publishing & Marketing

To continue bringing innovative new feeds with the input of the student body while keeping true to the reputation of On The Beat. Catch news about medical students and Prinshof student life while keeping in touch with things happening around us.

Joané Nell
Social Chair

This year we want to go bigger and better in the social department. Get ready for more socials and so much more fun. It is important to have balance in life and we are here to make sure that you do have that equilibrium.

Anani Mboyi
Social Vice-Chair

I can be described as a bubbly person who gets along with just about anyone. I am very talkative and love to have a good time. My plans are getting more and more medical students involved in social events and showing them that studying is not the only reason to live

Clifford Bartman

I believe in a healthy, balanced life and found that both these are achievable through sport. I encourage each and every one to partake for the enjoyment, the partnership and character building.

Joshua Nunn
Student Affairs and Transformation Chair

As representative of Student Affairs and Transformation on Pulse my goals for this year include: creating a space for dialogue and open discussion between students and department administration, developing Prinshof campus into an environment  of inclusivity – celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of the Faculty of Health Sciences. As well as attempting to firstly mediate the voicing of concerns of all medical students and secondly, attempting – with the help of my fellow Pulse mates – to address these concerns as best I can within my means to do so